Deadgirl vs The Corpse of Anna Fritz - the verdict

I asked which one is better. Well to be accurate I stalked people on twitter who had mentioned both films in a single tweet and begged them for their opinion. It's Deadgirl by a country mile.

@24FPSUK said:

"Not even a question for me. Deadgirl was a surprise, more depth than you'd expect. Anna Fritz is total by the numbers garbage."

@DRainford said:

"COAF was on a visual level a more competent film, there was decent cinematography matched with an interesting visual style. DeadGirl was more intense in terms of what took place within the universe. COAF was very tame, at least to me."

@CouchZombie said:

"DeadGirl is equal parts unique and outrageous. Challenges both the intellectual and visceral side of the Horror brain. I loved it."

So we have a winner. Anna Fritz does chime with the zeitgeist, in my opinion. But Deadgirl goes off into this crazy subterranean dreamworld where everything is upside down. It's much more unexpected and original. It's for all times, not just right now.