Twit Follows: @Polar_Bear_Edit

I've got a tingling at the end of my fingers and that means only one thing - another Twit Follows contender has emerged.

@Polar_Bear_Edit is consistently charming and funny.

polar bear.jpg

She tweets things like this:

and this on the quintuple-strength caffeinated beverage Death Wish Coffee:

and this:

and this on the fashion for turning your books so the pages face outwards, creating a neutral effect:

But last night she made me read 125 of her tweets. How? A 125-tweet long account of a Sims game (or session) she was playing. I've never played the Sims and I have only the vaguest knowledge of it but her commentary on her avatar's ridiculous antics kept me gripped. There was this:

and this:

But the killer for me was this tweet:


I haven't got some big analysis of @Polar_Bear_Edit or what she's about or where she's coming from. I just really enjoy her feed. An essential follow.