Twit Follows: @GraveyardSister

@GraveyardSister is the twitter feed for Graveyard Shift Sister, a website devoted to black women in horror and science fiction.

It was one of the first accounts I followed and I love it.

Twitter is all about coming across random things you'd not otherwise encounter and @GraveyardSister is no exception. Tweets link back to book and film reviews, interviews with authors and directors, the odd article by an academic, and they're always fascinating. Take this tweet for example:

I'm sure I'm not alone in suspecting that horror is really about history coming back to haunt us (or trying and failing to do so). Black history is towering and this book which looks at African disaporic women writers in the genre looks really illuminating.


I also loved this tweet:

It linked to a terrific blog on how empathy humanizes us - not the conclusion you would expect to be drawn from a zombie film.

At other times the feed talks about gaming, African folktales, or new subscription TV services. It also instigates chats about designated watching matter, which looks like fun (I'm in the wrong timezone).

I appreciate having my eyes opened to the experience of black women, and to new layers of the horror genre. Getting both in the same tweets is dreamy. If you're anything like me @GraveyardSister is an essential follow.