Hell House LLC

Never mind how Hell House LLC compares with other found footage films. It's a nearly perfect horror movie, period.


It's about a haunted house attraction put on in an abandoned hotel to cash in on Halloween. As the staff prepares the hotel, things take a sinister turn.

The film is essentially one long fairground ride. Characters are lightly drawn and the story is archetypal. But imagine a ghost train that actually wears down your suspension of disbelief until you feel uncomfortably frightened.

The structure of the fictional attraction - you queue, you enter, you get gradually more unnerved - mimics the structure of the plot. It's a stripped down version of the plot of any horror movie, arguably. But this is no Pirates of the Caribbean and that's down to the direction. No jump scares, just a visual conversation between death as fun and death as stalker, with the stalker gradually winning.

Despite its flaws, Hell House is not just another found footage film. It actually gets depth from an unexpected source - its festive, fairground ride structure. It reminds us that life is all one big party on the Titanic. I think we horror fans appreciate that message when it's as well-delivered as it is here.