Twit Follows: @AChrisHeathMD

@AChrisHeathMD  is... um... interesting <strokes beard, jots notes>.

He's a psychoanalyst who's active on Twitter and YouTube spreading the word about the glory of Freud.

And he's terrific.

Chris Heath, internet psychoanalyst.

Chris Heath, internet psychoanalyst.

Most people think of psychoanalysis as something that happens in a private room at a time strictly agreed between patient and therapist. As such, internet psychoanalysis is a contradiction in terms.

@AChrisHeathMD defies that and makes Freudian ideas accessible to anybody browsing the internet at work or late at night. He does this with his benignly barmy, oddly soothing vlogs at Freudalicious Mind on YouTube. Topics include procrastination, guilt tripping, mass hysteria and surviving family holidays.

A declaration - I'm a fan of the unconscious. I think it’s a horror writer's greatest resource. I also think a better public understanding of the unconscious could solve broader societal ones - I'd love Trump to go on the couch, for all our sakes, or if not his voters.

But talking cures are expensive and time consuming. The theory has the reputation of being complex and unfathomable. Unless you've got a lot of money and confidence behind you psychoanalysis basically irrelevant. This is a huge flaw in the Freudian project.

Freud knew this was a problem and he set up clinics in Vienna offering free treatment to people who would not otherwise be able to access it.

Today this has to mean coming out of the consulting room and academies, on to the internet. And not with enigmatic teasers, but with material that's actually useful to people, even if this means losing some of the magic of the process. You've got to start somewhere.

That's why @AChrisHeathMD is cool, in my opinion. He democratises Freud and and the great thinkers that came after Freud, like Melanie Klein. This is absolutely true to the original spirit of the practice - that it's for everybody, not an elite.

High five @AChrisHeathMD. An essential follow.

Introducing Twit Follows

I'm going to start following twitter accounts in an ominious new way by reviewing them. Feeling creeped? Fabulous. Look behind you!

For Twit Follows, I'll review accounts that I follow already and want to follow in that extra special way because I think they're cool. I'll also review notable accounts that I've just discovered. It'll be mainly horror, but not exclusively.

David Robert Mitchell, director of It Follows.

David Robert Mitchell, director of It Follows.

It seemed appropriate to start Twit Follows with @DRobMitchell - that's David Robert Mitchell, the director of 2014 masterpiece It Follows.

He's been quiet lately, hopefully because he's directing a new film. But he was active over summer and autumn, mainly retweets. His feed is a mix of stuff about his films, other people's films and Donald Trump.

Little gems that I haven't seen before (admittedly I did have a break from twitter) include:




I also liked:

Finally, you should follow David Robert Mitchell because he's obviously a good guy:

To sum up, @DRobMitchell isn't the most talkative person on twitter, but what he does say is well worth hearing.